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Year: 2014

  • Why Email Scams Won’t Go Away

    Depressingly accurate.

  • Heartbleed: What You Need To Do

    Most of us have heard the news about the “Heartbleed” vulnerability, which possibly allows hackers to retrieve your login password or other personal information from many popular web sites. So what’s it all about? “Heartbleed” refers to a vulnerability in an encryption library that’s used by many different web servers. The library is called “OpenSSL,”…

  • SSL Vulnerability Closed in OS X Update

    Apple released Security Update 2014-001 yesterday, which closes the vulnerability discussed in my last post. Mountain Lion and Mavericks users should install this update ASAP. Note, if you are a Mountain Lion user and do not wish to update to Mavericks at this time (completely understandable, but fixable), then do not install the OS X…

  • Public Service Announcement for iOS and OS X users

    On Friday, Apple released version 7.0.6 for iOS (iPhone / iPad) users. Go to Settings on your iOS device and install this update now. What’s the deal? A very serious vulnerability that exposes the secure communication link between your device and any services that you use (Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, online banking, etc). The exploit package…