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Plug those holes: web browser plug-ins

Courtesy of How-To Geek, here’s a great article about browser plug-ins and how to disable them. You’re probably already familiar with Windows and OS X start-up programs and the havoc they can wreak. Browser plug-ins and Internet Explorer’s “add-ons” and “browser helper objects” (“BHOs”) can be another source of vulnerability and frustration, just like the Java plug-in we’ve talked about in the last few weeks.

Plug-ins are supposed to add functionality and features to your online web experience. But often, because of poor programming or unforeseen interactions, they can break your browsing experience or worse, expose your PC to attack. How-To Geek has two more articles you might find helpful if you want to tune-up your web browser.

If you’d like an automated tool to help keep your Windows PC clean, try Malware Bytes (free version here). Keep it up-to-date and run it weekly as a complement to your current anti-virus solution. If you’d like a tool that gives you a bit more control over the details, try CCleaner. One caution, CCleaner is an advanced tool for Windows and OS X, so please be careful. I wouldn’t want you to cut yourself!



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