The challenge of simple IT: align the needs of the business to the budget, add capability without complexity

Dark clouds on the horizon?

To punctuate my previous two posts on cloud solutions, CIO Magazine offers up this observation:

Unfortunately, too often cloud applications and services are bought by people who really shouldn’t be buying. Sure, they may have the budget … but that doesn’t mean they necessarily have the training to make good IT decisions, let alone the discipline or skills in their underlings to actually execute a coordinated technology strategy.

That’s a juicy point. But I’m not trying to sensationalize the issue – cloud solutions are a necessary part of an overall IT strategy. The article goes on to make another important point:

The system isn’t the critical asset. The data is. The data in almost any cloud system is worth far more than whatever you pay on a monthly or even yearly basis. If your data gets gunked up or made meaningless, that could cost you a lot of profits—or even get you in some trouble.

Give the article a good read. As you craft your company’s cloud road map, keep those points in mind. The cloud can free your business from many headaches and it can add to its agility and competitiveness. But build your strategy on a solid foundation of sound planning and competent execution.

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